B&M Lavanille Excelsior Base


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Definitely not a formula for beginners James. Requires water and careful loading. It is pretty hard, not rock hard but not soft as the Glissant.

Slick as ice James, oil on glass, I'm telling you, I have soft water. The first try was a disaster. But I learned it and find it excellent performing soap.

The post shave is not something special, just ok.

Remember: the lather is low structure so you won't see any clouds.

Yes, I like aggressive razors, so I choose elite soaps, but I only have 8 or 10 artisans. All the other products are commercial soaps/creams. I want slickness & cushion together. I call tell if something is going wrong with the soap, I have sensitive skin and does not tolerate so many passes.

But I always do 3 and touch ups. Hehe. I chase perfection and I get easily disappointed if the shave is not good!
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