B&M Lavanille Excelsior Base


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No love for B&M soaps! Ok!
On the contrary - I have lots of love for Bay Rum and Cool. Lavanille however, is even more 'Marmite' than Marmite. You should try all of his scents.

However, thank you for highlighting that it's available in the excelsior base as it doesn't pop-up on Maggards 'new in stock' search, so your post is very helpful and should not be deleted. I was merely, tongue in cheek, questioning your use of the word 'enjoy'. :happy:


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I also saw this this soap couple of days ago. And since I also know very well how Will's scents can please or shock, I ordered a sample first. :)

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I've only had a sample of the Glissant Lavanille, for me it was too bad to even attempt lathering so I passed it along unused. I don't recall exactly how it smelt other than thick, rich, heavy & sickly. IIRC it is supposed to be inspired by Caron's Pour Un Homme which I've also had and found very little resemblance between them but did read on a US forum the aftershave splash is far closer to the Caron scent than the soap.


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I had one before glissant base was released. And i like the scent. But i only use it with my synthetic brush.

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The performance of the soaps is the one that shocked me, not the scents.
How far is it improved Randy? I've not tried the latest formula. I don't think I'm the intended market, I can shave with pretty much anything, even hair shampoo/conditioner at a push :D

I'm seeing something of a correlation, coincidence perhaps (as it's certainly not always the case) but that those who enjoy very aggressive razors also enjoy these "elite" soaps, I wonder if these razors require the extra cushion & slickness? The same way most straight users prefer tallow soaps... Maybe I've got too much time on my hands to think about such things :p: