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High time I got on this bandwagon... Been wet shaving for nearly 4 years now and still haven't tried it!

Just had a look and there appear to be a few different varieties, which is the one to go for... US, French or Italian? I notice both US and Italian are called "Ice Blue" whereas the French bottle is just plain old "Aqua Velva" don't know if that's purely labeling or if the juice inside differs?



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Wish I could help with the differences if any. I do like my AV Ice Blue and also AV Sport Original. At one time people would drink AV for a cheap drunk and being an AV man had a different meaning. :)



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There is also this Spanish one:

I haven't tried the other versions but I like this one very much, very refreshing scent and feel (sorry not so good at such descriptions). Ideal for a hot day shave :)

PS: from what I've read there are differences between AVs of different origins.
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Been chasing that Canadian green one just above here to no avail. Damn impossible to get outside of Canada.

Have got the Spanish Williams one, which is nice. Very much in the vein of other blue aftershaves, but much less powdery and fougere kind of dry. Does remind me of the old man, though.


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Been chasing that Canadian green one just above here to no avail. Damn impossible to get outside of Canada.
Only in Canada, eh. Who would have thought that. If there ever is a hint that it will be discontinued I'd have to hoard a bunch.



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Haven't tried the other versions of AV,I've finished a bottle and bought another of the Spanish one though. Wouldn't be without it !!!.
Not Aqua Velva ,similar in scent

Tried both the Spanish and Italian variants....nice and in a similar vain to Floid Blue/Myrsol Blue. I seem to remember, the Italian one had quite a bit of menthol.
Sadly, neither agrees with my skin. I heard that the North American ones are a bit different, but I've never tried them.


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Ice Blue and Original Sport for me. I keep a bottle of at least one of them at all times. When I travel by air I decant the one I have into a 50 ml bottle for carry on. I’ve only used what’s available in Canada, eh.

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Thanks chaps, not much of a consensus then... I'll probably grab a bottle of each US/EU and compare, they're only £6-£7 each.

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I have it on good authority that despite there being so many variations of Aqua Velva (original) available there are in fact only two different formulas: US & EU.

The EU formula is made in various countries and is available at wildly variable prices (in the UK at least.) With the Spanish 200ml available for £8 and the Italian 100ml costing as much as £15!

French 100ml:

Italian 100ml:

Spanish 200ml:

Spanish 400ml:

I have a bottle of the French and it's lovely stuff, everything I wanted from Floid Blue which it along with the clones failed to deliver... It's powdery citrus without the hairspray note that tainted those IMO.

Currently have a bottle of US stuff on order, should be here in the next few days so will do a comparison when it lands :okay:

US 100ml which everyone knows...