Anything in the pipeline for 2019


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A limited edition should be really special. A group buy should be special.

If cost is the main issue, £15 will get a Yaqi brush engraved "ATG GB 2019" at their small volume store.
I agree with cost being an issue, it's all very nice saying 'I'd love a Paladin' or 'Why not a Simpsons'? but these brushes are really expensive and even more so with fancy engraving and bespoke lofts in the age of No buy 2018/19/20 etc they are getting a little out of reach for many.
I’ve spoken with Bradley (Eagle) and it’s definitely something he would consider
Me too, I'll add my notes later. Personally I'm not a lover of Shavemac handles they are flipping tiny. The knots are OK but the handles are cack.


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Obviously everything is open to personal preferences. One Mans meat is anothers poison. I have 5 and honestly I have them for the knots. They are the least favorites from all my handles.
Totally agree with my other Shavemacs but still love and cherish this bugger. Never seen another. Cheers Erik!!