anyone got a water filter? noob needs help pls :)


I used to have a RO system and my kettle was never more sparkly! I also noticed that RO water doesn't quench the thirst like tap water, which was good as I then drank more of it. RO is an extreme solution but if you want 'filtered' water then there's nothing to beat it.

@saj1985 the fact you're having such a reaction to sugar withdrawal should tell you something. Just start drinking water as a first step and limit yourself to one can of Coke at the weekend, the mood swings should be temporary - if they are not then see a doctor and maybe adjust your anti-depressant meds. If you don't like the taste of water RO makes it virtually tasteless at the expense of the system, cost of the filters every 6 months and a right PITA to change them. Alternatively get some cider apple vinegar with mother (Aspalls in Sainsbury's or Tesco for ~£2.60) and add a teaspoon in a pint of water and it makes the water much more interesting and theoretically healthy - this is what I do as I find water boring to drink.
tbh a few years ago i quit fizzy drinks and started intermittent fasting along side with black tea, as i always end up have 2 plus sugars in my coffee and tea and i lost a lot of weight quickly too

but my thing is, i have a bit of an addictive personality where i crave things quite easily tbh,
so one or two cans of pepsi and gave was well and truly over tbh

yea could be a good idea about the meds as another anti depressant i was on was making me hungry non stop even when i'd just eaten a full meal, i put on a fair bit of weight because of that

yea i normally get apple cidar vinegar with the mother, i got it from holland and barratt where i got ripped off then later found out its also available in aldi for a couple of quid

ill tell you what mate, that apple cidar stuff is deadly lol, seriously though i mean its really strong in taste and smell too,
i initially came across apple cidar vinegar through youtubers praising it for skin health etc


Adding to p.b's comments, I have almost given up white sugar, except when it's used in, for example fish sauce. I will do a small cheat maybe once a week or sometimes every second week, but I'm generally okay because I've eliminated white sugar but not sweetness.

For me, instead of slowly reducing my sugar intake, I just switched to alternatives such that my sweet tooth was satisfied while getting off of white sugar as quickly as possible. I now take a tiny bit of honey with my coffee instead. And I eat lots of fruits. For me, it took about a week until the cravings started to go away. I can now pass a Starbucks or the ice cream section in the grocery store without any issues. Yeah, the unhealthy stuff can be more satisfying, but I'm perfectly happy with the trade-offs, especially if I feel a lot better afterward.
i just had green tea with raw honey in it, tasted nice

tbh ive been searching for a half decent green tea as some ive had i just dont like the taste,
so i grabbed amazons own brand version of green tea and suprisingly its really nice
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If you like apple cider vinegar, you may like flavored cambuja, which is supposed to be good for digestion. You let it ferment enough, it's sweet alcohol. :)

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those berkey ones look expensive, how much are the filters on them? and how long do they last mate?
I believe the guidance is to replace the filters every six months but don’t quote me on that. We are not so disciplined and probably are due for a change-up.

Cost is not cheap, but we were heavy on bottled mineral water, so comparatively it was much cheaper to make the switch. I do see them on Amazon UK, so that will give you better sense of local pricing. I think there are third party filters if you want to go that route.