Any thoughts on this new cartridge system..

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OK having used this for 2 weeks, with a gap of 2-3 days per shave I've come to some solid conclusios. Design wise and build of the razor is good just not great. Now I new it prob wouldn't be as premium as many out there but the nice rubber grip and the shape of the handle and how the head pivots as well as centrally flex's along where the blades meet as well as how it sits in the hand were all brilliant factors. The rubber fins above each blade are great for pulling hairs away from the skin to help get a closer shave and do a really job with even dense growth and thick lather. I had actually thought the feel of the fins was pulling of the blades the first shave I had. Now I did end up getting pulling after the 2nd use of the blade but for the most side it was the green rubber fins.
The angles and the top line of the blade are great as I said before at getting up close to my goatee and chin strap.
And now the bad. The actual blades are no way as sharp or hard-wearing as the mach3, sensor or fusion. To be honest I hadn't thought the blades on the cartridge would be as good as my gillette collection however I had thought that maybe if it were half as good it would be OK, considering all the other qualities..... But nope the blades are not doing it. I needed to add extra passes on my 3 pass shave and even after 1 shave it got to a stage with me thinking have I dropped the razor and bent something. I tried adding a little more pressure and it did help, but I was getting to a point I knew it could become counterproductive; but then on friday I had a break from the boldking and had a shave with a fusion proglide I had sitting there that I'd already used for 2 weeks prior, I do strop to clean my cartridgs wits a razorpit and some preahave oil, it really does help clean the blades and extend their shave life...anyway lol there it was bingo! even a two week old fusion wiped the a new boldking cartridge off the list, and today I used a new mac3 blade and pow how i'd missed my 3 amigos lol. So the boldking it's defo getting placed into the back of the cupboard. I will keep the remaining couple of blades as a novelty if I ever go back to head shaving, as this is where I believe the flexible head would come into its own.
So would I recommend this razor? Only if they were to ever change the blades they use on the cartridgs. The American version the defender has other cartridges with different blades from regular, sensitive and extra sensitive. So not sure if it's the polished version and better. I might see if I can get hold of one to compare.... or I might put it down to learning. YMMV... BUT WITH THESE BLADES I DOUBT BY MUCH
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went to Walmart yesterday for the after Christmas 50% off gift sets. I bought several Dollar Shave Club and a Schick cartridge shave kits. Should last me for awhile.