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i only owm four brushes, 2 boar, a boar and badger and a yaqi synthetic, my clear favourite is the yaqi so far.
I love how soft it is on my skin and makes a fantastic lather, however id like it to be a little stiffer, is this what backbone is? Or dies this even make sense?
So id like recommendations for a brush, soft tips but good stiffness if possible.
Lets hear them.


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A tuxedo might be what you are looking for. I'd get the handle and knot separately from AP shave co, that way you can play with the loft until you find the sweet spot for you.


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Yes, pretty much, backbone is how stiff it is. Some have lots of backbone but are prickly. Think of a short lofted new boar. Others have lots of backbone but have lovely soft tips. The Arctic Fox knot from the Alpha group exhibits these characteristics. Backbone can be affected by how deep or shallow the knot is set.
A 2 band badger set at a lot of 2:1 should give you the backbone with soft tips. The Arctic fox likewise, but you'd need to contact @vlasta for one of these.
Maggards 2Bands are great:
Choose your weapon. I have no experience of SHD knots, but they sound great!
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Why not try a Badger hair brush. A 2 band brush knot will give you the stiffness (Backbone) you are searching for but will still have soft tips, not as soft as a synthetic knot but if you have not yet tried a Badger brush it could be just what you are looking for.
A lot of people get really hung up on Loft (Height of the knot) a millimeter here nor there is nothing. IMHO a brush is for making and applying lather. If you need exfoliation then exfoliate with an exfoliating cream. Too low on the loft and the knot will hold the lather rather than allow it to spread onto the face (Flow through)
I would look at Maseto, Yaqi or Maggards for a two band Badger.


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Yes, to me backbone is how stiff a knot is. Like some others, I'd suggest trying a 2 band badger knot as you don't have one. A 2 band badger knot with a loft that is around twice the knot size is a good balance for backbone and tip softness. I'd suggest to try the Semogue Owners Club (SOC) 2 band badger which also has a very comfortable handle. I also have a Maggards SHD 2 band badger which I set in a handle I already had. It has wonderful soft tips and good back bone.

I'm far from being knowledgeable about brushes, but loft = 2x knot diameter sounds about right to me. I love my Yaqi synths - most of all my 26mm Timber Wolf with really soft tips and good backbone with the 26mm Tuxedo a close second. Just bought a 28mm Tuxedo which is 57mm loft off AliExpress. Tuxedo is slightly firmer than Timber Wolf. The Yaqi knots have various names and colours. Tuxedo is black with white tips, Timber Wolf white with black tips.

Being in the UK it will be more economical to buy off AliExpress than Maggards and US suppliers. I'm a synths guy - had a Maseto Silvertip badger in 28mm which was a fine brush, but still prefer synths.


RE Tuxedos, some have good density & backbone, others can be floppy, it all depends on the glue bump/density. I have owned a couple of Yaqi Tuxedos, one was far too dense/too high a backbone, the other is very floppy.

The floppy one (Fan Tuxedo with a Mysterious blue handle) might be the best performing brush I own, but the Yaqi Rainbow Brown Fibre is very dense, with a good backbone (glue bump is just high enough) is superb as well.