An old photograph of me and my car


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When I was a young man I went to live in Hong Kong, I took the bare essentials and crated up every other item and left them with my father, this included all photographs, certificates, well basically everything you own other than clothes. Unfortunately burglars stole the crate

I was very pleased to find on a history forum that someone had taken a photograph of me driving through York in a Riley 2.6, it is the only old photograph of me that I own

Another pic of the car is attached, same make, model and car but not the one from the pic.



Forum GOD!
That’s a great photo. It reminds me of my grandfather, who, in his early life was a chauffeur, had a strong attachment to his cars. At the time of his death in 1962 his pride and joy was his Humber Super Snipe Series III. Every Saturday he would clean and polish that car, inside and out, to within an inch of its life. Thanks for sharing your photos.
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