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It depends. If you choose free/basic delivery it can be a couple of weeks to I’m still waiting 2months+ for soaps and splashes from Yaqi. (Granted this is the worst length of time I’ve ever waited with them, previously 3 weeks was the most). Free postage times are incredibly slow at the moment express is better but costs. That said I’m happy to wait and I’ve never had anything not arrive.
Also depends on who you buy from, Yaqi seem usually slow at the moment yet Dscosmetic and tech I’ve bought were very quick, (a weekand a half or two).
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Just keep an eye out on your Credit Card payments though.
I used Ali for years with no problems...then about 2 days after an Ali purchase my CC was used to buy $600 of travel in Europe (hmmm...I live in NZ, not Europe).
Bank stopped the transfer, and issued a new CC.
Next month bought from Ali again and my new card was used for a fraudulent purchase (in Australia).
Bank stopped that, and issued 'another' new CC.
Have stopped buying through Ali and no more problems.
I emailed Ali (and 'chatted' too) to tell them of the problem and suggested that one of their staff was dodgy.
Family have since bought from Ali and no more problems..but do check your Bank account details for a while to be sure that all is OK.
don't save the card, you will lose a minute and your money is safe