80s Music?


The wizard next door
I'm a 90s kinda guy (born 77), missed all the electronic cheese of the 80s. My Mrs a few years older loves the 80s.
For electronic/dance, the late 90s early 00s is still the best, far better than the current Guetta et all.
Oasis/Blur for Guitar music, it cannot be beaten!

Whats your views..

(I won't take offence, my music taste is VERY wide ranging)
Well, I don't listen to much modern music. And, with very few exceptions, just never warmed up to rap/hip-hop. Outside of that, my tastes are pretty broad. I can go from the Carter Family to Metallica to Jim Reeves to Cat Stevens. And many things in between. Occasionally I'll even throw on some Classical or Big Band stuff.

I partied hard to a lot of the 80s music, so plenty of good memories there. At least the ones I can actually remember.......:D