3D printed shaving stuff


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Here's an old design that's been collecting dust. I've been asked several times to design a razor that takes Injector, Artist Club, or halved DEs. But designing and 3d printing razors for small blades can be a bit challenging for me. This one looks promising. This razor is designed for AC blades and it will have multiple plates of different efficiency. I haven't done any test prints since it is far from final.
AC Razor1.jpg

AC Razor2.jpg

AC Razor4.jpg

AC Razor3.jpg


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Just testing a DE version of my previous post. This one uses halved DE blades and also has multiple plates with different efficiency. The next version will be for injector blades. At some point, I'll have all three complete and if they're not too much of a hassle to print, I'll add them to my Thingiverse page.

IMG_3935 (2)g.JPG