PIF 2 x Badger and 1 synthetic brush

I have 3 brushes I'm not using that I want to PIF to anyone that wants them. Brushes 2 and 3 I used to practice reknotting which is why the EJ says silver tip but is actually a DS Cosmetics Super Badger knot and there's a little epoxy on the handle as I wasn't as neat as I should have been. It's a new knot so still has a little badger funk

1. Olive wood Badger
2. Gentleman's hardware 20mm synthetic
3. EJ handle with DS Cosmetics 24mm Super Badger knot.

If there are a few interested I'll pick a random number.

***UK addresses only***
Apologies but I'm trying to keep costs down

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Old geezer
I have the first one, the handle that is, olive wood from Bethlehem, like it a lot.
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